Mildred Silva, MD

Age Management Physician & Regenerative Medicine Physician located in Orlando, FL

About Dr. Silva

Mildred Silva, MD, opened Rejuvinex Medical Center in Orlando, Florida, to cater to the patient who wants to optimize her or his health with regenerative medicine.

Dr. Silva designed the practice to improve the lives of her patients beyond the point of disease management. She wanted more of her patients to have the opportunity to benefit from the Age Management Medicine, which she has studied for over a decade while continuing her commitment as a primary care doctor.

Regenerative medicine and age management at Dr. Silva’s practice is devoted to the very early detection, prevention, and reversal of age-related diseases and symptoms. Her center provides patients with life-improving anti-aging treatments, therapies, and services alongside cosmetic procedures to help patients reach optimum health and wellness. 

Whether you want to schedule a visit for personalized medical weight-loss programs or if you are looking for an instant wrinkle filler procedure, Dr. Silva has all of the services you need to optimize your health.